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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Your words come to me in the strangest of ways.
I am not even certain I hear them.
I am not sure they are from You.
Like a cloud image in the sky,
they appear suddenly and fade just as fast.
You are the sun’s rays shining off the mountain.
blinding my sight, so I can see with my heart.
You are the wind that answers my thoughts,
stirring me to action whenever I doubt.
You are the stars blinking at me,
answering questions I haven’t thought to ask.
You are the rainbow that lifts my spirits,
assuring me when I need it most.
A coincidence of needs fulfilled.
A timely message.
When You speak to me, am I listening?
If I could only see though a child’s eyes,
looking at the world with unwavering faith.
In my dreams, You wash over me with peace.
Sending me messages I do not understand.
Desperately trying to tell me something
that I don’t remember.
Was I only dreaming?
But this time, you spoke to me.
There was no mistake.
So clearly, I heard You,
A loud whisper in my ear
calling me, “Daughter!”
waking me from my sleep.
I hear You, Lord!
I am here Lord, I am listening!
I am awake!

Monday, June 11, 2012



Have Faith

Faith can’t be given, it must be discovered.
Faith waits patiently for you to find it.
Faith is a journey, not a destination - no beginning, no ending.
Faith is always with you, so you are never lost.

Faith is not to be hidden, for it grows stronger when it is shared.
Faith is trusting in something greater than yourself.
Faith is knowing that you can let go because it will catch you.
Faith asks you to surrender, before it can give you strength.

Faith knows your faults, your weaknesses, yet it never abandons you.
Faith erases fear and bathes you in harmony.
Faith eases your pain, repairs your soul, and believes in you.
Faith doesn’t give you what you think you want, only what you truly need.

Faith forgives you, so you can forgive others.
Faith is the spirit that ties souls forever to each other.
Faith is the one thing that no one can take from you.
Faith is hard to define, but it defines who you are.

Have Faith

Heike's Windmill

Heike's Windmill

Moved by the Spirit

I am moved by the spirit,
an uncertain wind,
never knowing where it comes from,
never knowing where it goes to,
but always knowing when it’s there.

I am moved by the spirit,
an invisible wind,
a mystery to some,
a friend in others,
blowing where it wants.

I am moved by the spirit,
a gentle wind,
a constant comfort,
a refreshing breeze,
always pushing me forward.

I am moved by the spirit,
a strong, gusty wind,
the force of God
in all that I do.
Letting Him lead me.

Easter in Heaven

Easter in Heaven

I am your child

I see You, Lord, in Your cloud of glory.
Praying in the light, thanking God,
Silent words spoken to unhearing ears,
Showing Yourself through peace and love.

I follow You, Lord, with all my heart,
Without distraction of worldly matters,
Eyes opened wide to Your gifts to me,
I run to You, Who loves me so fully.

I share Your miracles.
I proclaim Your word.
I praise Your name.
I thank You for showing me.

Every minute of every day,
You care for me
even when I’m not worthy.
I am Your child.

Aloha Church

Aloha Church

I Dream

I dream of bright colors,
a brilliance of white,
and a hill top of green.
I dream of you.

A feeling engulfs me.
A peace surrounds me.
serenity amplified.
I dream of you.

I wake with a wonder,
Like I have touched heaven.
A dream made real.
Lord it is You!




God’s Angel

I came across an angel
just lying on the ground.
God’s most delicate creature,
ignored by passers by.

Sleeping soundly on her side,
but troubled none the less.
Beaten down from harshest life,
now peaceful in her rest.

A homeless human soul,
who once was someone’s child.
Cherished now by none
but God, who sent me there.

A silent sleep that speaks to me,
more than any empty words.
Despair that goes unspoken,
moving me so deeply.

Humbled by her presence,
I tremble in her space.
Saddened by compassion,
I cry and then, I pray.

Lord, she has lost her way,
put a stirring in her heart.
Lift her with your love,
and bring the world to her.




My Shooting Star

On a cold night, I turn to You, Lord
when there is no place else to turn.
I pray that You will ease the pain.
I pray that You will stop the suffering.

I see Your answer in the stars,
a promise of light across the sky,
a comforting thought so I can rest,
as I put my faith in You.

You are the sun on this warm day,
fresh air breathing in Your spirit,
gently in my arms’ embrace,
Your light shines down and lifts us up.

Shalom, Shalom, peace to you.
My heart is aching.
My tears run deep,
But God fills my heart with all His love.